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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Travel Europe - Tivoli Gardens


The Tivoli Gardens is a great place to be, if you want to have a good time. It is a very beautiful place indeed. There are lots of things there like rides, fireworks displays, concerts, attractive fountains, and of course gardens. This park is not only for adults because it has lots of things that kids will enjoy, like what a mentioned earlier the rides which one of them is a big Ferris wheel. If you like gardens you won't be disappointed, because it's a very beautiful place that many people could spend hours seeing, the place has the style of a 17th or 18th century look. Don't worry about food because there is plenty there, and of all kinds. It's not the most affordable, but it does taste great. Well I hope you could have the time to visit the wonderful place of Tivoli Gardens, and if you do please tell your experience here.


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