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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Travel Europe - Amsterdam

Photo by wiel_s

Amsterdam is a place i visited and i have to say its just plain incredible. The city is somewhat old style because of its great brick and stone buildings. The ambient feels great, and the people are very friendly. When you are walking around for a while, you may ask yourself how they did such great buildings, because they are truly unique and marvelous. One of the places you should start your tour is in the Central Station that's near the waterfront, from there you walk the avenue called Damrak, in which you are going to see lot's of entertaining things, like musicians, artist making paintings, and people gathering to have a nice time. When you walk around, you may see many graffitis in the walls and i myself really don't like them, but if you look at them, they are true works of art that many would enjoy seeing. If you are a coffee person then you are in luck because there are plenty of coffee shops around, and very cheap. So what i liked about Amsterdam is the ambient, the different little shops which are very interesting, the entertainment that's around you, when you are walking around, the bridge houses, and many other things. Oh yeah, there is a Museum of Torture which is very crazy, I'm not going to say much about that place, i prefer that you go see it for yourself, so you could agree with me about how weird it is. So if you want to have a nice time, take out the stress, and laugh, Amsterdam is the place to go.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Europe And Your Digital Camera

Digital Camera

When you are traveling its almost 100% necessary to always have your digital camera, because does are memories that you want to have for life, and one of the greatest privileges that you have on a digital camera is, that you can always see what photos didn't come out right. You need to know some tips before taking your digital camera with you, so read on. When you take your camera with you also bring at least 3 sper batteries because in Europe the hotels do not have that many outlets, I can easily say that almost every hotel in Europe has one outlet so recharging your batery is going to be difficult, if you are using that outlet for other things. Always try to do your research on the place you are staying, to see if the outlets are compatible with ours, if is not, try to go to a electronics store to find a outlet converter. "this is very important". If you have a digital camera that has lots of memory that's great, but for does of you who don't, i would recommend to upgrade it because you are going to take more photos then you can imagine and the worst thing that can happen is not to have enough room to take all your photos. If you don't want to add memory to your digital camera and have a laptop, then that's also good because if you run out of memory you can upload the pictures and then keep on taking more. I was one of them who thought I wasn't going to take many photos and ended up taking 456 which for me is a lot, so please have extra memory or a laptop with you. On the last note even if you are traveling with a $500 camera always take a disposable camera with you because you never know what can happen and its better to always be in the safe side. So I hope these little tips can help you enjoy a better trip with your camera.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Europe Vacation

Travel Europe Picture

People always dream on going to Europe, at least the mayoralty of the us. Since Europe is such a famous place that has a rich history and historical destinations, its a big attraction for tourism. Europe is not such a big country, so when you go there for vacations you can visit several places at once. Of course not everything goes smoothly in Europe, because there's always the language issue and the different cultures and food that you have to get used to when you go there, but you can always find some kind of food you like and enjoy. The eastern block, which was closed for a long time, now is open for tourist which is a great place to go. When you have the opportunity make sure you go to Copenhagen, Barcelona, and London because does are in my opinion the most tourist-friendly places. In Europe there is 36 countries, and even if Europe is smaller then the USA it has double the population with about 580 million people, that's pretty impressive. Many first time travelers don't really know what to expect when going to Europe, but I really think you are going to have a great time, just make sure you are prepared with all your papers, have a good camera, travel guide and of course some family members, so you can have a blast.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Travel Europe - Going To Italy-Rome


If you ever wanted to Travel Italy, one of the best places to go when you get there is Rome. Rome is a very popular place, and I could easily say that 90% of the world knows were it is, so its famous for a reason. The city of Rome has so many places to see that I can only say a few like Piazza Navona, Panthean, Colisuem, Church of Saint Agnese, Trevi Fountian, and much more. Rome is full of very historical places that drive millions of visitors from around the world to see.

Oh and something I found the other day is that now there are tours that take you to locations that are found in the book of the Davinci Code. So now you know some reasons why Rome is a very popular place.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Travel Europe - Venice

Foto by Paul Resh

Many have visited, or want to visit Venice, a very historic place and one of the most visited places in the world. Venice was built around 1,490 years ago, were there is buildings and places that you might get surprised. Has you probably know Venice has waterways instead of streets, so everything was floats, that's why many consider Venice a very romantic place. Venice became international power and a city state and was a huge influence around the west and east of Europe. Now Venice is a place of tourist taking fotos of the beautiful places and it gets very crowded because of the people visited from around the world. If you want to go when there is the least amount of people, fall is a good time. Some of the best places you could go see in Venice is Basilica di San Marco, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Ponte Di Rialto, and Museo Correr. Venice is a very beautiful and you won't regret going.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Europe Cruise

Europe Cruise

So many people want to visit varies cities in Europe, but don't have the time. One great alternative when visiting Europe is to go there by cruise. So lets say you want to go to the great city of Venice, but don't want to eat the food there because lets just say is not that good, also you don't want to go and stay in hotels because of the different languages, well that's when the cruise comes in mind. One important thing to remember is that cities in Europe are very different from the American culture, so if you plan to go to Paris don't expect the hotels, food, and culture to be the same, that's why so many people like going by cruise. They say they feel like home because the cruise is like there own mobile American house. Not to mention that lots of people are afraid of flying so cruise is the best alternative.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Travel Europe - Going To Barcelona


Anybody who has been to Barcelona can say it's a beautiful place. You well see the great art galleries, theaters, museums, and amazing historic places. Almost everybody who goes and visit Barcelona, goes to a place called Las Ramblas, which is a street that has dozens of cafes, people singing, little different markets that sell anything from books, food, flowers, birds, and other things. Overall it's a great place to hang out and have a hgh great time.

If you are looking for decent restaurants you could go to the Barcelona waterfront section, which has lots of places you could go eat. They have very good food and it's close to the beach area. One thing you should have in mind is that Barcelona is a very pricey place, so somethings are expensive, but the food is not that much compared to other areas. Also when you go out at night in Barcelona there's a place called Zona Alta, where you can drink all types of bears, and go to clubs around that area.

Travel Europe - London Theatres

London Theatre

Has I said before London is a great place to see theatres, there are some very nice shows there. Lot's of people get amazed on how great, and entertaining they are. So now if you would like to get in these great shows you are going to have to buy the tickets early, because if you wait 1 or 3 days before to buy them, they could already be sold out. Many buy the tickets months before, so they can be sure to see the show. Not all shows are the same popularity, so they are not all going to get sold out, but if you travel in the tourist season, then you should also consider the Internet, I myself have not tried it, but people say its easy to buy tickets there.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Travel Europe - The Nice London Zoo

London zoo

Almost 95% of the people I know like to visit zoos, and the London Zoo is a very nice place. Like some people have said when visiting the London zoo, is that it is not in a pretty neighborhood, but overall inside the place is what matters and they liked it a lot. There are lots of animals in the London Zoo, and it's estimated that there are over 625 animals, so you won't get tried of watching the same animals again and again.

I really like seeing the gorillas because they are so big, but if you observe them they have lots of quality's from humans. There's always lots of people in the London Zoo, but it also depends in what season you go. In the zoo you can also find some weird bugs, which I don't like myself, but if you are interested you can always take a look. Overall the London Zoo is a nice and calm place you can visit when you have the time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Travel Europe - Tivoli Gardens


The Tivoli Gardens is a great place to be, if you want to have a good time. It is a very beautiful place indeed. There are lots of things there like rides, fireworks displays, concerts, attractive fountains, and of course gardens. This park is not only for adults because it has lots of things that kids will enjoy, like what a mentioned earlier the rides which one of them is a big Ferris wheel. If you like gardens you won't be disappointed, because it's a very beautiful place that many people could spend hours seeing, the place has the style of a 17th or 18th century look. Don't worry about food because there is plenty there, and of all kinds. It's not the most affordable, but it does taste great. Well I hope you could have the time to visit the wonderful place of Tivoli Gardens, and if you do please tell your experience here.

Travel Europe - Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a very wonderful place to visit, but first lets talk a little about the history of it. Many here have talk about the famous Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin and Germany. It is right now the only remaining gate which once was used, to enter Berlin. The Gate consist of twelve Greek Doric columns, six on each side. The design is based on Proplea. In 1963 the U.S. president John F. Kennedy, visited the Brandenburg Gate. Also in 1987 the U.S. president Ronald Reagan delivered a speech to the people of West Berlin, at the Brandenburg Gate. At the end when Berlin fell in 1989, the gate was closed and seen has a symbol of freedom, also in 1989 it re-opened when Helmut Hohl walked to be received by Han Modrow. In the month of July 1994 Bill Clinton had a speech in the Brandenburg Gate talking about the Cold War Europe. With a private funding and with a cost of 3,000,000 USD dollars the Brandenburg Gate was cleaned and refurbish.

The Brandenburg Gate is a great place to visit when you are in Berlin. When you visit the Brandenburg Gate you are going to be very amazed when you see the Greek scenes in the columns, and its truly a work of art. To be honest your visit to Berlin is never going to be complete if you don't visit the great Brandenburg Gate.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Travel Europe - Travel Paris

Travel Paris

Paris truly is one of the most famous cities in the world, that millions of people around the country go visit. The city has many new buildings, but still most of the buildings that are there, are old tradition, making it a unic place. There are great restaurants, cafes, and more then 145 art galleries and museums. People will always find places to go because Paris is full of life.

The top 5 hotels in Paris are Hotel Chambiges Elysees, Ritz Paris, Best Western Left Bank Saint Germain , Best Western Manoir Saint Germain, and Westin Paris.In my opinion, and from what the people have said, the hotel Best Western Left Bank Saint Germain is a truly a amazing place, that have great service and it's affordable compared to others.

The top five restaurants are Mandala Ray, Alcazar, Laduree, Bermuda Onion, and Chez Paul. Many love Mandala Ray, people say it has great food, service, and it's a great experience overall.

When Paris hits night time there are so many places to go dance, great places to visit, theaters to see, beutiful historic places to visit, and much more. Going to Paris is a marvelous experience that you won't forget.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Travel Europe - European Vacation


Well if you have decided that your going to Europe here are some handy tips to consider before going.

1) One very important tip is plan your trip months before so you could have everything you wanted like good airplane seats and trust me your going to want good one because the trip is long, also research different prices of tickets, hotels, cars, etc, so when the day comes everything can go has planed.

2)Get a good map so you won't get lost and can have a idea how is the place, also don't be shy when asking people there for directions because Europeans are very nice and helpful.

3)If you have medication bring them with you. And to make sure everything goes right bring medications that could last you longer then the time that you are going to stay in Europe just in case.

4)Bring every document necessary like license, passport, etc. Also always try to have a visa because you never know when you are not going to have money on you.

5) And the last tip and one of the most important is to have a great time and bring a digital camera with you.

Europe Tour


The first step is to make sure that your budget meets the need, so you and the person traveling with you never get broke half way in the vacation. The time that you do the trip is also very important. Summer and winter are the busiest times, which means the prizes are higher, but if you want to spend a lot less money spring is a good time. And like everybody knows, the best way to save a good sum of money is to fly out and return in the middle of the week, because days like Saturday and Sunday, flight tickets tend to be much higher in prize.

Travel Europe - Currency


Europe like some people know has changed to euros, which means some Americans could get a little confused when traveling. But a simple solution is to go to a ATM, and it well give you the cash in euros, but be careful how much you take out because you can't covert the coins back. When you want to be at the best restaurants, and best shopping places, its always good to ask the local people there, they always know best.