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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Travel Europe - Currency


Europe like some people know has changed to euros, which means some Americans could get a little confused when traveling. But a simple solution is to go to a ATM, and it well give you the cash in euros, but be careful how much you take out because you can't covert the coins back. When you want to be at the best restaurants, and best shopping places, its always good to ask the local people there, they always know best.


  • yes, but best thing to do is to contact your bank and find out if there is an affiliated bank in paris so you can get money and avoid any fees. For example, I went to Paris, and my account is under bank of america and i was able to get money from atms from Paribas bank with no fees. Also buy some euros before you come here. because usually airport stands give you not a good rate, so come prepare..

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  • The dollar is so weak at the moment that going to europe has become very expensive!

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  • The dollar/euro rate is still quite expensive for us but going to Europe, if only once, is something you wouldn't want to miss.

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