Travel Europe

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Travel Europe - Amsterdam

Photo by wiel_s

Amsterdam is a place i visited and i have to say its just plain incredible. The city is somewhat old style because of its great brick and stone buildings. The ambient feels great, and the people are very friendly. When you are walking around for a while, you may ask yourself how they did such great buildings, because they are truly unique and marvelous. One of the places you should start your tour is in the Central Station that's near the waterfront, from there you walk the avenue called Damrak, in which you are going to see lot's of entertaining things, like musicians, artist making paintings, and people gathering to have a nice time. When you walk around, you may see many graffitis in the walls and i myself really don't like them, but if you look at them, they are true works of art that many would enjoy seeing. If you are a coffee person then you are in luck because there are plenty of coffee shops around, and very cheap. So what i liked about Amsterdam is the ambient, the different little shops which are very interesting, the entertainment that's around you, when you are walking around, the bridge houses, and many other things. Oh yeah, there is a Museum of Torture which is very crazy, I'm not going to say much about that place, i prefer that you go see it for yourself, so you could agree with me about how weird it is. So if you want to have a nice time, take out the stress, and laugh, Amsterdam is the place to go.