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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Europe And Your Digital Camera

Digital Camera

When you are traveling its almost 100% necessary to always have your digital camera, because does are memories that you want to have for life, and one of the greatest privileges that you have on a digital camera is, that you can always see what photos didn't come out right. You need to know some tips before taking your digital camera with you, so read on. When you take your camera with you also bring at least 3 sper batteries because in Europe the hotels do not have that many outlets, I can easily say that almost every hotel in Europe has one outlet so recharging your batery is going to be difficult, if you are using that outlet for other things. Always try to do your research on the place you are staying, to see if the outlets are compatible with ours, if is not, try to go to a electronics store to find a outlet converter. "this is very important". If you have a digital camera that has lots of memory that's great, but for does of you who don't, i would recommend to upgrade it because you are going to take more photos then you can imagine and the worst thing that can happen is not to have enough room to take all your photos. If you don't want to add memory to your digital camera and have a laptop, then that's also good because if you run out of memory you can upload the pictures and then keep on taking more. I was one of them who thought I wasn't going to take many photos and ended up taking 456 which for me is a lot, so please have extra memory or a laptop with you. On the last note even if you are traveling with a $500 camera always take a disposable camera with you because you never know what can happen and its better to always be in the safe side. So I hope these little tips can help you enjoy a better trip with your camera.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Europe Vacation

Travel Europe Picture

People always dream on going to Europe, at least the mayoralty of the us. Since Europe is such a famous place that has a rich history and historical destinations, its a big attraction for tourism. Europe is not such a big country, so when you go there for vacations you can visit several places at once. Of course not everything goes smoothly in Europe, because there's always the language issue and the different cultures and food that you have to get used to when you go there, but you can always find some kind of food you like and enjoy. The eastern block, which was closed for a long time, now is open for tourist which is a great place to go. When you have the opportunity make sure you go to Copenhagen, Barcelona, and London because does are in my opinion the most tourist-friendly places. In Europe there is 36 countries, and even if Europe is smaller then the USA it has double the population with about 580 million people, that's pretty impressive. Many first time travelers don't really know what to expect when going to Europe, but I really think you are going to have a great time, just make sure you are prepared with all your papers, have a good camera, travel guide and of course some family members, so you can have a blast.