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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Travel Europe - Venice

Foto by Paul Resh

Many have visited, or want to visit Venice, a very historic place and one of the most visited places in the world. Venice was built around 1,490 years ago, were there is buildings and places that you might get surprised. Has you probably know Venice has waterways instead of streets, so everything was floats, that's why many consider Venice a very romantic place. Venice became international power and a city state and was a huge influence around the west and east of Europe. Now Venice is a place of tourist taking fotos of the beautiful places and it gets very crowded because of the people visited from around the world. If you want to go when there is the least amount of people, fall is a good time. Some of the best places you could go see in Venice is Basilica di San Marco, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Ponte Di Rialto, and Museo Correr. Venice is a very beautiful and you won't regret going.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Europe Cruise

Europe Cruise

So many people want to visit varies cities in Europe, but don't have the time. One great alternative when visiting Europe is to go there by cruise. So lets say you want to go to the great city of Venice, but don't want to eat the food there because lets just say is not that good, also you don't want to go and stay in hotels because of the different languages, well that's when the cruise comes in mind. One important thing to remember is that cities in Europe are very different from the American culture, so if you plan to go to Paris don't expect the hotels, food, and culture to be the same, that's why so many people like going by cruise. They say they feel like home because the cruise is like there own mobile American house. Not to mention that lots of people are afraid of flying so cruise is the best alternative.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Travel Europe - Going To Barcelona


Anybody who has been to Barcelona can say it's a beautiful place. You well see the great art galleries, theaters, museums, and amazing historic places. Almost everybody who goes and visit Barcelona, goes to a place called Las Ramblas, which is a street that has dozens of cafes, people singing, little different markets that sell anything from books, food, flowers, birds, and other things. Overall it's a great place to hang out and have a hgh great time.

If you are looking for decent restaurants you could go to the Barcelona waterfront section, which has lots of places you could go eat. They have very good food and it's close to the beach area. One thing you should have in mind is that Barcelona is a very pricey place, so somethings are expensive, but the food is not that much compared to other areas. Also when you go out at night in Barcelona there's a place called Zona Alta, where you can drink all types of bears, and go to clubs around that area.

Travel Europe - London Theatres

London Theatre

Has I said before London is a great place to see theatres, there are some very nice shows there. Lot's of people get amazed on how great, and entertaining they are. So now if you would like to get in these great shows you are going to have to buy the tickets early, because if you wait 1 or 3 days before to buy them, they could already be sold out. Many buy the tickets months before, so they can be sure to see the show. Not all shows are the same popularity, so they are not all going to get sold out, but if you travel in the tourist season, then you should also consider the Internet, I myself have not tried it, but people say its easy to buy tickets there.